Software Development Methodology

Client Satisfaction believes in creating software solutions that our customers can rely on. We believe in creating solutions that fit their needs and are customised to the way they do business. Overall client satisfaction is what drives our development and management practices.

Continuous Feedback
A big factor in creating a successful software applications is the ability to know what the customer really needs and how they want the Application to function. This is why we have a direct channel for communication between our developers and the clients to minimise the development cycle.

Flexible Planning
The solution requirements typically change during the development cycle depending on what the client requires. Most businesses have a better picture of how a software solution will fit their needs by “test-driving” core functionality and making changes through feedback sessions. believes in implementing development processes that employ strategies that enable constant feedback from customers. This results in applications that truly match the requirements our clients have. That is why we believe in the Agile Methodology.



Agile Methods
Agile methodologies help provide ways that the development team can effectively develop solutions while taking into account the varying changes in requirements given by the customer. The agile methodologies facilitate a means to do this by employing some key principles:

Determine core functionality
Applications are broken down into feature sets. These sets are developed and integrated continuously throughout the lifetime of the project. Functionality will be tested on each cycle to ensure it meets the requirements. This feedback process allows us to perfect the final solution.

Release functionality in Segments
By breaking the application into feature specific sections allow the customer the ability to observe the progress of the features released and fine-tune them. Once feedback and final integrations are applied, these releases will then result in the final solution.

Team Collaboration
The development process involves team collaboration through meetings that enable the development team to work in sync during the project life-cycle. Continual feedback and analysis of tasks in “scrum” meetings help to maximise developer contribution and encourage creativity.

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