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How to Post an Internal Note to a Ticket

1. An internal note for a ticket is a note that only staff can see. The customer will not have access to internal notes. To respond to the customer through a ticket, please see the “How to respond to an open ticket” guide.
2. To post an internal note to a ticket you first must log in to the iService system.
3. Next click on the “Tickets” tab. (See Screenshot)

Tickets Section Tab Screenshot

4. From the list of tickets, click on the ticket you want to add an internal note to.
5. Scroll to the bottom of the ticket page and click the “Post Internal Note” tab. (See Screenshot)

Post Internal Note Tab Screenshot

6. Here you can enter the internal note in the “Note Details” text box. You can give the internal note an optional title in the “Note title” text field also if you wish.
7. The dropdown menu named “Ticket Status” allows you to change the status of the ticket when posting the internal note.
8. When you have finished entering the information and selecting the options click on the “Post Note” button. To clear all information you have currently entered and start again, click the “Reset” button.

Watch this Post Internal Note Video

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