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Solutions for Wholesalers

We spend hours entering our dockets into Sage Line 50, Intact Accounting or Quickbooks

You need to save time entering dockets or re-keying your dockets into your accounting system. Our handheld computer program MASC will allow you to record your sales on a handheld computer and load your sales into a number of accounting packages. Your sales will be priced correctly you can record the signature on the handheld device and

Our solution is integrated directly into all versions of Sage Line 50 from version 9 , through to Sage 2014, Intact Business Accounting and Quickbooks. We have also customised solutions for Syspro, Oracle and other ERP systems.

Our Dockets are priced incorrectly

As you business grows your pricing and discount structure can become increasing complex. Our system is designed to ensure the customer docket is priced correctly while providing flexibility and control.
Customers can have priced or un-priced dockets and all sales dockets are validated against your system pricing

Unable to trace our lot numbers by customer

For customers in the food business we have integrated lot traceability into the sales process allowing you to record the lot number at the time of sale, and proving a search and reporting method in the office.

Incorrect Product selection

Using the integrated barcode scanners the products can be selected using the barcode on the product label or by selecting from a list of internally produced barcodes.

We provide you with the option to produce your own barcodes based on your stock code. These codes can then be printed in ordered groups for scanning on the road.

For more details on our barcode solution click here.

Unable to find a proof of delivery

The handheld system allows the user to record the signature on the handheld.

This can then be printed in the office or viewed for identification.

The docket can then be printed to a PDF file and sent to the customer.

We are unable to reconcile stock on the vans

The handheld system allows the user to continually monitor the stock on the van and print reports to verify the closing stock. These reports can be verified based on the sales uploaded or the stock sent to the van.

Our sales reps are based throughout the country, its takes days to get our sales data

The handheld systems allows for transmission of the data using GPRS over a mobile phone chip. Your data can be gathered automatically 24 hours a day and requires no user interaction.

We don’t have any vans but all our dockets are handwritten in the yard

We have a range of ruggidised handhelds devices which will cope with all operating environments. All units are drop tested from 1 meter to concrete and our Aceeca units are waterproof.

The units can also be linked to bluetooth printers allow for a completely wireless solution for your warehouse, abattoir , factory floor and office.

For details of our supported devices click


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