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MASC the Handheld System for Bakers

The issues we resolve include recording the proof of delivery signature, recording customer payments, controlling and reconciling van stock, delivering sales orders and taking customer orders for future dates. In addition the MASC back office system adds value with in-depth sales reporting and integration to the finance system, EDI, direct debit and production systems for the office and accounting users. Data preparation for the handhelds is automatically generated by the server and the users/drivers can sync all the data via the Wi-Fi or mobile networks. As many drivers do not return to base each night the ability to sync remotely is key.

To support the handheld operations the MASC system provides some key features for different industries. For example, for the baking industry, a production module allows you to group key customer deliveries and driver orders to create a baking list. The baking list can be grouped by the product type or family and you have the option of using the packsize to allow the factory to calculate the units required.

Handheld.ie recognises the focus on traceability for its customers in egg production. The handheld system is integrated with Ovotrack, users can scan the tracking EPC code which will be loaded to the Ovotrack system when the handheld is uploaded. The tracking numbers can be printed on dockets and preloaded to the stock list if required. At the office, a complete tracking list can be printed to show where a particular batch was sold.

In meat production, the product barcode can include the product code, batch number and product weight. These details can then be scanned by the driver to speed the sales entry, and capture the relevant information.

A key feature when selling to multiples is to ensure only listed products are delivered to the store to avoid non-payment or payment delays. To eliminate this issue, the handheld will only allow the driver to select products which are listed for a particular store. For Tesco deliveries you can also record the TRN (Tesco Receipt Number), and the program will ensure the driver has entered the number before allowing the sale to be completed.

For EPOS you can import the till sales directly into MASC and compare the sales to the deliveries and returns – useful for the likes of Dunnes, Superquinn and other retailers. You can also import sales files from agents and calculate detailed agent commissions and credits as required.

Once the invoices are created they can then be loaded directly into the accounting system with direct links to Sage Line 50, Intact, Exchequer, Syspro, TAS, Herbst, Quickbooks, SAP, Oracle and others. For payment processing Handheld.ie provide the files for Atlas, Eircom and Celtrino and are now deploying an updated program for SEPA Direct Debits.

Today’s customers expect a quick return on investment and the MASC system delivers this by processing dockets daily. Additional benefits of stock control on the van and the ability to import EPOS sales and deal with agents reporting efficiently, demonstrates Handheld.ie’s ability to respond to market conditions in a timely manner.

Handheld.ie see the future for MASC in this industry as vibrant, with moves to Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile becoming the norm as device prices continue to fall. The main challenge for the industry is the ability to handle data security effectively before moving data to cloud based systems. Through embracing emerging technology and continuing to deliver constant improvement in software for it’s customers, Handheld.ie is increasingly providing an invaluable system for business owners across a spectrum of industries.

Key benefits of the MASC system:

• Reduced paperwork
• No manual input of deliveries
• Capture & store customer signature
• Bluetooth printing
• Improved accuracy
• Reduce overheads
• Automate invoicing
• Stock control
• Traceability
• Edi integration
• Barcode scanning
• Order processing
• GPRS/wifi
• Direct debit integration
• Linked to all major accounting systems
• Baking module
• Ovotrack integration

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