Handheld Installation for Sage Line 50

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Handheld installation Check List for Sage Line 50

When preparing for to use handhelds with Sage Line 50 – Sage will contain most of the information required but you will need to add or maintain some data prior to transfer.

  1. Create an Excel file for drivers / routes for each driver/route enter a code and the name
  2. Customer Tagging – In Analysis Field 1 in Sage add the code for the route or driver
  3. Decide if a customer will be priced or unpriced P / U and use Analysis field 2 – to populate the data.
  4. Delivery Address – In each delivery address you will need to tag the route or driver code.  You can use either the notes or the vat code as the master code would normally apply, see the screen shot below
  5. The products list will define the products but some of the products may not be required on the handheld, use the Category C and enter Y to download that product to the handheld. If you intend scanning the products ensure the barcode fields are correctly populated
  6. Review the Prices and discounts and ensure all are accurate and up to date
  7. Review the discounts and ensure they are up to date and accurate


Other decisions

  1. Do you want to restrict some customer to only sell listed products? . For example in Tesco if you sell an unlisted product you ay not be paid.
  2. You can also enforce Proof of Delivery recording, the driver will not be able to leave that customer until the signature is stored on the device
  3. If you require a TRN number – for example in Tesco you will need the TRN linked to your docket to pass through EDI





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