Close a Ticket – iService Tutorial

How to Close a Ticket

1. If you have tickets that do not need to be open any longer you can close them from within the iService service.
2. To close a ticket, first log in to the iService software.
3. Now click on the “Tickets” tab. (See Screenshot)

Tickets Section Tab Screenshot

4. From the list of tickets, select which ticket you wish to close by clicking on it.
5. Now click on the close ticket button (See Screenshot)

Close a Ticket Button

6. A new window will appear. On this window you can enter the reason for closing the ticket then click the “Close” button. (See Screenshot)

Close a Ticket Confirmation Button

7. The ticket will now be closed and it will be added to the “Closed Tickets” list. If you wish to re-open this ticket again in the future, consult the relevant guide to do this.

Close a ticket tutorial Video

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