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Hard Reset – Intermec CN50

How do I Hard Reset an Intermec CN50

1. Remove the battery from the back of the device.

2.Replace the battery into the device.

3.Turn on the device by pressing the red telephone button.

4.Together press the <  less than and > greater than arrow keys (orange arrow). You will see a few flashes keep the buttons held down until you come to the IPL Configuration Boot…

Janam XT1 Android

The Janam XT1 Android – Rugged Mini-Tablet delivers all the technological advancements found in consumer devices with the mission-critical key features that enterprises require in a rugged tablet.

As the industry’s lightest and most powerful mini-tablet, the XT1 delivers superior performance without sacrificing usability. In addition to Android™ 4.2 operating system and a brilliant…

Black Friday – Hardware Offer

Special Black Friday Offer

All Pidion and Janam Hardware – 25% off

Order must be placed and paid by 1st…

Zebra iMZ320 Reset

To factory reset a Zebra iMX320 you will need to link the printer to your pc and use the zebra printer tools to send the reset command to the printer


For full details please view this…

Opticon H21 Hard Reset


Opticon H21 Hard Reset
First remove the back lid and the battery and return the lock that keeps the lid in place back in the position as if the back lid would be on. Then keep both the POWER + Capture + End keys pressed while inserting the battery.

Power key = the red key on the top of the device. End key = the key with the red phone icon on it. Capture key = the one on the right side of t…

Janam XT85 Reset

Soft and Hard Reset instruction for Janam Xt85
Caution – A cold Boot or Hard reset will erase all data


Full usergiude for Xt85 can be downloaded from her…

Windows Mobile 6.5 Configuration

The configuration for Windows Mobile 6.5 is a little different to the WM 6

Once you have installed the MASC Programs you will need to adjust the display to show the launcher

Download a PDF version from here http://www.handheld.ie/dl/WM6.5_Configuration.pdf

Click on the windows icon in the bottom left

Click on the Setting icon

 Click on the Hom…

Pidion HM50 now supported by MASC

Following successful trials with our customers we have added support for the the Pidion Range of handheld devices. The handhelds work seamless with our MASC software giving wholesalers a great end to end solution for billing and stock control.

The hardware offers excellent value for money with full rugged functionality ,barcode scanning, Bluetooth , Wifi and 3G support.

Click here for…

Pidion HM50 Reset

To Hard Reset a Pidion HM50 follow the details below


To Soft Reset a Pidion HM50 follow the details…

Intermec Keypad Mapping

Users may wish to map keys such as the “*” key on the keypad to allow the user to enter “-” key without using the popup keyboard or dual keys.

Please follow these steps

Download the Keyboard mapping program http://www.handheld.ie/dl/KeyRemap.zip
Extract the cab file and load the file into your MASC program folder
Sync the handheld and goto the MASC Folder find the file KeyRemap.cab…

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