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Creating an AIB Credits transfer file in VBA

This is the code I use to create an IBB transfer file, this can be linked to Sage, Syspro, Intact or any Accounting system which allow an ODBC connection. This contains a fe functions such as Getpref which pulls preference data from another table. These can be replaced with static data or your own functions.

The first part makes the the payee file….

Function CreatePayeeFile()
On Error…

Creating Excel files from MS Access

This routine is used to create an inventory forecast, which displays a 52 week forecast based on Sales orders MRP forecast and scheduled PO’s.

Function OpenWritetoXLS_QCS(tmpFiletoOpen, tmpFirstWeek, tmpLastWeek)
Dim objXL As Object
Dim strWhat As String, boolXL As Boolean
Dim objWkb As Object
Dim objSht As Object
Dim rst As Recordset, tmpRange, tmpRangeCount, tmpGonePast, tmpPosition,…

Syspro Server Move

We move server for Syspro version 6 recently and had to update 40 users ODBC connections. The easiest way to complete this was to fix the odbc setting on one computer , then export the registry for the ODBC setting. We moved that exported reg file to our server and sent all Syspro users a link to the registry file which updated the PC’s.

This is a sample of the file contents – you would need to…

Downloading XML files into access

I use this function to download xml files from a ftp server and read the contents into an Access database.
This function deals with the FTP process. I use a licensed product component from chilkatsoft.com call chilkatftp.

Function DownloadFiles()
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
Dim ftp As New ChilkatFtp2
Dim success As Integer
Dim n As Integer, i As Integer, rst As Recordset, fname As String

Posting Sales Orders in Syspro using XML and Business Objects

The task criteria was to load orders from field sales office by adding automation to Excel files or loading XML files into an access database. This allows the client to validate the order entries and ensure all key data is present before attempting to load the orders into Syspro.

This post covers the export of the data from the validated database into Syspro.

To use this code you would need…

Exporting Signed Numerics EBCDIC

I needed a function to create an EBCDIC overpunch to numeric values in an access database when exporting the data as text files for loading into OneSource.

This function might help if you need something similar
Function EbcDic(ByVal tmpNumber As Double, ByVal tmpDec As Integer, ByVal tmpPlaces As…

Cycle counting your stock

This sample assumes you have a table of parts that are categorised by warehouse and abc classification (tblCycleCountStockRecords ) . You would have decided how many times you want to count the parts per year (tblCountRotation) and divided that by the number of counts in a year. The code in this function will ensure that for each count you are cycling through your stock records and counting t…

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