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SAP BOM Upload File

To load a BOM into SAP we needed to create a XML file with a hierarchy of the BOM.

To start this project in Access you will need to set a reference to ChilkatXML and have a recordset for the BOM items.

Function Make_SAP_XML()

Dim xml As New ChilkatXml
Dim MT_TPC_BOM As ChilkatXml
Dim ProductHeader As ChilkatXml
Dim Systems As ChilkatXml
Dim System As ChilkatXml
Dim SystemItems As…

Reading a SAP XML file into Access

I use a free product call chilkatxml from chilkatsoft.com, The site has loads of samples but initially I found it difficult to iteriate through the record loops in the xml file.  I have detailed the code I used to load XML orders into an access database.

The first phase is to read the file into an array and the second phase will post that array into an access database. This is similar to…

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