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Missed Sales Opportunities

After getting your products listed in the multiples you need to ensure that the products are appearing on the shelves.

Our latest addition to MASC allows your sales staff to scan your product which are on sale in the store and a list will be displayed of listed products which are not stocked.

You can then use this information to increase your sales to the store or discuss with your area…

Intact Signature Integration

We have recently released our signature integration with Intact Business Accounting.  Signatures recorded on your handheld device are converted and loaded into intact.  These can then be displayed on your invoice as a proof of delivery for your customer.

Call Sean on 086 2589606 to get your intact…

Cancel an Invoice

In MASC you can cancel an invoice before it has been posted to Sage , Intact or your accounting system.

We have recorded the screen actions for this operation

Please click here to view t…

Downloading XML files into access

I use this function to download xml files from a ftp server and read the contents into an Access database.
This function deals with the FTP process. I use a licensed product component from chilkatsoft.com call chilkatftp.

Function DownloadFiles()
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
Dim ftp As New ChilkatFtp2
Dim success As Integer
Dim n As Integer, i As Integer, rst As Recordset, fname As String

Downloading Customer data from Intact Business Accounting

Intact Business Accounting has an SDK which is exposed for all developers and available in the system.  The following sample shows how we load the customer data into an Access database for use with our MASC Product. IF you are using Intact and have any questions leave me a comment and I will reply.

Function LoadCust()
On Error GoTo Intact_Error
Dim IntactTable As New INTACTSDKTable

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