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Get a branded App for your Gym, Live Class Availability and Bookings, Admin Console for Maintaining Classes and the option to send SMS Text to members on Standby for full classes. You can download our sample app BizGym and from Google play the iTunes App Store.


We have also created a series of YouTube tutorial videos showing our booking system in action which can be found at the following link:


As the gym owner you will be able to update the staff details, add classes and review who is attending the classes. The class booking system has an automatic standby facility and once a user cancels a class the next user on standby will be sent a text to offer them the class, if if that’s not taken within a specified period it is then offered to the next user.You can also review the classes through your web browser and edit or cancel attendees as required.

This app will be branded for your Gym and setup on Google play and the iTunes App store in 10 days – this is what you get:

  • iPhone App
  • iPad App
  • Android Phone App
  • Android Tablet App
  • Administration Web Interface
  • Optional Web Integration for your website
Issues for Gym Owners Solutions using BizGym
Competing with other gyms Innovative new features to effectively market your gym to your members and offer an easy to use fitness class booking system to help advertise and manage your classes
Personal trainers – Keeping the Classes full Our standby feature will ensure your customers are offered the next available space automatically.
Manage classes – Attendance and Standby
Full admin function allows you to add classes assign instructors and cancel selected attendees.
Users can join a class 24/7 by using the app – Standby places are automatically allocated and texted to the next person in the queue.
Low attendance of gym members
Members can book places via the App or cancel a booking and the place will be automatically allocated to the next person in the queue.
You can use the push notifications function of the app to send message to all you App users promoting events.
Members not arriving for Classes Optionally send text messages to your customers the day before a class booking as a reminder
Too much demand for popular classes and less demand for others The inbuilt Automated standby method will allow you to better manage the allocation of spaces to your customers
Link to the Biz Gym App on iTunes Link to the Biz Gym App on Google Play
The images below are some more screenshots of the Biz Gym App showing the start page, login page, Class dates list, Time selection, Book class screen and a user’s booked classes respectively.
Image of the BizGym app homepage Image of the BizGym app Login Page Image of the BizGym app Available dates list PageImage of the BizGym app Class times Page Image of the BizGym app Book Class page Image of the BizGym app Booked Classes list Page

Here are a list of links to our “How to” tutorial guides for the Biz Gym Software:

Adding a Class

Adding bookings to a class

Adding Credit to or Editing the Users Account

Adding Users

Cancel a Booking on the App

Clickatel Account – Adding Credit

How to change the admin password

How to Download the App

Make a Booking on the App

Open the admin page

Registering on the App

Removing bookings from a class

Reviewing the attendees at a class

Sending Push notifications

Setting – Time limits or Admin Login

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