Add New Department – iService Tutorial

How to Add a New Department

1. To add a new Department you must first login as an administrator to the iService software.
2. From here, click on the “Admin Panel” button. (See Screenshot)

Admin button Screenshot

3. From here click on the “Staff” tab, then click on “Departments” in the new screen. (See Screenshot)

Staff Departments Buttons Highlighted

4. Here you will be shown a list of your current departments. Click on the “Add new department” button on the right. (See Screenshot)

Add New Department Button

5. On this screen enter the details for the new Department. The type option allows you to specify whether the department is an internal or external department. If it is external, then customers will be able to choose to send tickets to this department when they open a ticket through the frontend of the system. If it is internal, then only staff will have access to this department. Once all details are entered, click the “Create department” button at the bottom of the screen. (See Screenshot)

New Departmen tScreenshot

Watch the Add New Department Video

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