Aceeca MEZ1500

Aceeca  MEZ1500 – Rugged Mobile

Image of the Aceeca MEZ1500 handheldThe Aceeca MEZ1500 combines rugged durability and powerful computing power with operating system flexibility. The Aceeca MEZ1500 is an ideal solution for use within an environment that needs more ruggedness than that found in a normal consumer device. With water and dust proofing up to IP67 standards and concrete drop test sturdiness, the Aceeca MEZ1500 is the solution for industrial handheld needs.

The versatility of the MEZ1500 is second to none in the market, given its ability to run both Garnet OS 5 (formerly Palm OS 5)  and Windows CE 5.0. This flexibility allows the MEZ1500 to be easily customized for literally thousands of applications. The MEZ1500 is also a developers dream, as it comes with the MZIO™ expansion bus, which supports multiple communication protocols with the system microprocessor, facilitating the customization of solutions rapidly.

Aceeca has assisted many developers worldwide by providing the necessary files and information to make development simple and fast to market.

Examples of customized applications that have been developed with the Meazura products are;
Ÿ Automotive Diagnostics
Ÿ Biological Analysis
Ÿ Asset Tracking
Ÿ Utilities (Power Meter Reading Automation)
Ÿ Data Capture (Barcode Scanning, RFID, Camera)
Ÿ Cave Mapping
Ÿ Wood Quality/Density (For Forestry Applications)
Ÿ And many more.
The Meazura platform is truly a versatile and flexible device that will suits virtually all enterprise and industrial applications that
need a handheld computing solution.


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